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The 7th European Transplant and Dialysis Games

Zagreb 18-25 August 2012


A real Mediterranean weather, nearly 40 °C was typical throughout the Games of Zagreb. It was not only the extreme heat that the members of the Organising Committee had to cope with but they had to change the Sports sites as well because such reconstruction work took place in the city which was not preannounced for them. Even the site of the Opening ceremony had to be modified and it was organised in the open-air pool section and its surrounding park of the city swimming pool, located in Mladost Sport Park. In this baking-hot, better choice could not have been taken. For the nearly 400 participants, who arrived from 20 countries, the stand ensured comfort. The program of the Opening ceremony is just perfectly complied with the site. The Principals of the City as well as the some doctors and nurses from the Transplant Clinic have taken part in the official event. After the opening speech there was a high-standard folklore program than the local synchronised swimming club gave an amazing show. After the official program there was a heart-stirring event because the participants, for the memory of their donors, have let off Chinese lanterns  in the air. A dinner and a welcome party closed the program of the Opening ceremony.


The competition in the 11 sports was organised from Saturday to Friday. On the first day the Cycling, the Volleyball and the Darts competition took place in the Sports and Recreation Centre Jarun. On Monday in the Mladost Sport Park it was continued with Table Tennis and Swimming. Due to the heat the Organising Committee brought the starting time of the Tennis competition forward and at noon there was a longer break. On Tuesday there was Golf and Badminton and the Tennis competition was finished. Wednesday was for Bowling. The participants competed in the air-conditioned Bowling Centre 300. The Mini Marathon was organised in the afternoon, the microclimate of lake Jarun eliminated the heat to a certain extent. The Petanque is more and more popular in the program of the Games and as a result of it the number of the participants is increasing which makes the competition more and more exciting. The Organising Committee nearly cancelled the track & field competition that was organised for Thursday and Friday due to 46 ºC was forecasted for these days. Eventually the Committee of ETDSF and the Medical Committee - with the taking of the necessary protective measures - has given green light for it with early start. The athletes were prepared for the extreme circumstances and the competition ran smoothly.


In accordance with the protocol the Games was closed with a Gala dinner held together with the Closing ceremony. During this event the most successful male and female competitors were awarded prizes and the most successful team was announced, which this year was France. At the closing of the Gala the ETDG flag was handed over to the LOC of the next Games. On the behalf of the polish LOC it was taken by Mrs. Krystyna Murdzek and Prof. Andrzej Chmura.