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Site visit for the 7th European Transplant and Dialysis Games



In Zagreb the site visit took place between 30 September – 02. October 2011. The meeting for the Country Representatives and the Team Mangers was organised by the LOC with Mrs. Tanja Watz and Mr. Jurica Ester’s leadership. During this meeting we visited all the sites, the sports institutions, the hospitals and the Dialysis Units, which will give the medical background. We were glad that the centre of the Games will be in the University Campus and the majority of the Sports sites are within walking distance from the accommodation. We met with the members of the LOC as well. During the meeting we updated the Sports Rules of ETDSF.


The ETDSF Presidential Committee meeting and the General Assembly took place this weekend where the representatives of the two new member countries Lithuania and Serbia have introduced themselves too. Apart from the usual agenda the most important topic was to make decision about the venue of the 8th European Transplant and Dialysis Games. Two countries presented their bids: Poland and Bulgaria. Both presentation was very detailed and well constructed. In order that responsible decision can be made the General Assembly has made that resolution that the final verdict will be postponed. So that the possible best decision can be made the President and one member of the Presidential Committee will visit both sites and based on their personal experience will send a report to the Committee. This report will be made on the basis of a collectively accepted evaluation standard. The General Assembly assigns the decision to the Presidential Committee, which has to finalise it till 31. December 2011. The candidate countries have to be informed about it.


In the closing meeting decision was made that Mrs. Judit Berente President and Mr. Colin White the President of the Sport Expert Committee will meet with the LOC members of Zagreb and they discuss and find solution for those problems, which arose in the meantime.