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In memory of Nikos Karantakos



Sadly spread the news that on the 19th of April 2015 Nikos Karantakos, the “father” of the European Transplant and Dialysis Games and a great friend has gone.


Nikos was the one who not only did dare to dream BIG but he had capacity, diligence, vigour and persistence to turn his dreams into reality. He was full with ideas and energy.


He was a kidney transplant and after his surgery he dedicated his life to Renal Patients.


In his native country in Greece he established the Renal Patients Athletic Association and he was the one who initiated that the first European Transplant and Dialysis Games be organised in Athens in 2000.


He was concerned about the quality of life of Transplant as well as Dialysed people and he worked a lot that the messages of the European Games be delivered to the society.


Hoping that Angels are looking after and taking care of you as much as you were looking after and taking care of us while you were with us.


We miss you but never forget you.


Rest in peace.