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Site visit of the Presidential Committee in Krakow and in Sofia 2011

Based on the decision of the General Assembly of October Mrs. Judit Berente President and Mr. Brane Tome Treasurer paid visit to both candidate countries.


In Krakow it took place 15-17 November 2011. During this visit Mrs. Krystyna Murdzek LOC Vice President supported us.


In Sofia it was 25-27 November 2011 where Mrs. Stoyanka Ananieva’s helped us.



In Krakow the centre of the Games is the Campus of the Sports University and its Sports institutions. The Sports institutions are in good condition and the members of the Presidential Committee had chance to have a look the brand new 25 m swimming pool which is officially going to be open soon. The medical background is secured as well. The Fresenius Dialysis Unit of the city hospital is able to give the necessary support for the dialysed athletes. The government of the city is supporting the Games in the maximum possible way.





In Sofia the centre of the Games is the Inter Expo Centre and the nearby Hotels. The Sports sites are planned to be in the Sports Institutions of the University. The medical background is ensured by the Military Hospital, which is provided with such equipment that satisfies every need. The Nipro Dialysis Unit, located in Tokuda Hospital, could secure the dialysis treatments without number limitation. The major parts of the Sports institutions are situated at the area of the Sports University out of the city centre.


After the site visits Mrs. Judit Berente and Mr. Brane Tome will send a detailed report for the Members of the Presidential Committee. This report will be made on the basis of that standard, which was accepted in the General Assembly in Zagreb.




The ETDSF Presidential Committee has made decision about the venue of the next Games, which is Krakow. Please find here the final result of the Presidential Committee vote for ETDG 2014.