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ETDSF Expert Committee visit

23-24. 06. 2014 Krakow

 Judit Berente (ETDSF President) and Colin White (ETDSF Sports Co-ordinator) visited the Local Organising Committee in Krakow to review progress and offer support in preparation for the 8th European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships in August.


Together with Prof Andrzej Chmura LOC President, Mrs. Krystyna Murdzek LOC Vice-President and all the LOC members they reviewed the protocols to ensure that everyone understood their responsibilities.  They clarified the rules related to the events and emphasised the importance of having an effective schedule for haemodialysis.  They also shared their experiences from having both been chairpersons of previous LOC’s.


Throughout the meeting there was a good exchange of information and ideas. It was particularly useful to meet with a number of members of the LOC and listen to them describe their plans for the 8th European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships.


There was a strong commitment made to work hand in hand between now and the opening of the Championships and also to be strong partners during the week of the Championships.


The atmosphere throughout the meetings was very amicable and they are looking forward to a successful working relationship.


The members of the Expert Committee consider that the preparation is at appropriate stage and we are looking forward to a successful European Championships.