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Site visit for the 8th European Transplant and Dialysis Championships 

The site visit, which was organised for the Country Representatives and the Team Managers of the European Federation, took place 10-13 October 2013 under the leadership of the polish LOC Mrs. Krystyna Murdzek and Prof. Andrzej Chmura. As a first program the Deputy Lord Mayoress gave a reception for the delegation of ETDSF in the state-room of the town hall.


During the warm welcome the Deputy Lord Mayoress assured the members of the Presidential Committee and the representatives of the countries about the maximum support of Krakow.


During the meeting the attendees visited every site and sports institution and inspected those hospitals and Dialysis Units, which give the medical support. Similarly to the Games of Zagreb the centre of the Championships is the Campus of the Sports University of Krakow and the sports sites are within the area of it. We also managed to meet with the members of the LOC.

During the meeting we updated the Sports rules of ETDSF. We put focus that our rules be matched with the Sports rules of WTGF as much as it is possible. It is because usually the same competitors take part in both competitions. The new athletes normally participate in the European Championships at first, which can give a good experience for them before they partake in the World Games.


Three new Sports were taken up in the program of the Championships of Krakow.


Virtual triathlon: the competitors compete in three events – 400 m freestyle swimming, 20 km cycling, 5000 m road race – over three different days. The competitors enter these events as three different sports. The virtual triathlon does not count as a 4th event.


Summer biathlon: which is organised in such a way like biathlon. On the nominated track the competitors have to complete 3 loops. After the first and the second loop they have to shoot at the targets.


Beach volleyball: which was put in the program instead of volleyball. The Country Representatives as well as the Team Managers consider that the number of the participants will be more in this way.


The ETDSF Presidential Meeting and the General Assembly took place this weekend too. Apart from the general agenda the General Assembly adopted a resolution about the changing of the name. The proposal was made by Finland and the majority of the members of the General Assembly supported it. The name has been changed even for the 8th European Games. The new name, which enters into force from October 2013, is European Transplant and Dialysis Sports Championships.